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Speak, Friend, and Enter : Index

TITLE: Speak, Friend, and Enter
FANDOM: James Cameron's Avatar
CHARACTERS: Norm Spellman, Trudy Chacon, OCs, cast
A/N: Massive thanks to ceitfianna and the_croupier for beta-ing, and lordoflorien for cheerleading.
STORY SUMMARY: Information Technician Norm Spellman first met Lance Corporal Trudy Chacon in on a ship in 2134. Twenty years later, Doctor Spellman and Captain Chacon (long-time friends and sometime lovers) are reunited on Pandora. This follows the time between, and what happens after.

Chapter One: Providence and Stardust
Chapter Two: Lord of the Rings
Chapter Three: Geeks in Uniform
Chapter Four: Liberty
Chapter Five: No War Here

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