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MCU; Daemon!AU Cast List - WiP

Cast list for my Daemons Assemble 'verse:

Banner, Bruce : Odette, rattlesnake [Odette is derived from the Germanic 'Odo, Otto', meaning 'wealth, fortune'. It's also the name of the cursed princess in Swan Lake.]
Barton, Clinton “Clint” Francis : Winona, Red-tailed hawk [Winona is a Sioux name, meaning 'first daughter'.]
Coulson, Phillip “Phil” : Lillian, Beagle [Lillian was possibly a diminutive of 'Elizabeth', Hebrew meaning 'my God is an oath' or 'my God is abundance'. Also considered a variant of 'Lily']
Fury, Nicholas : Nora, Great Horned owl [Short form of Honora (derived from Latin, meaning 'honour') or Eleanor, potentially meaning 'Light']
Hill, Maria : Ferris, Harris' Hawk
Odinson, Thor : Eylidr, lioness [Old Norse name meaning 'Gift Battle']
Potts, Virginia “Pepper” : Keaton, Border Collie (red merle colouration)
Rogers, Steve : Gladys, American Pitbull Terrier [Gladys is a Welsh name of uncertain etymology (it could be derived from the gladiolus flower, or the Welsh word for 'country'), and has been used as the Welsh form of Claudia, which means 'lame/crippled'.]
Romanova, Nataliya “Natasha” Alianovna : Ilariy, Siberian cat [Russian form of Hilary, which is derived from Latin and Greek, and means 'cheerful, happy'.]
Selvig, Erik : Geirvé, Eurasian red squirrel [Old Norse name meaning 'spear-holy'/'holy spear'.]
Sitwell, Jasper : Nunciata, Oleander Hawk-moth
Stark, Anthony “Tony” : Zenobia, satin bowerbird [A Greek name, meaning 'life of Zeus'.]
Stark, Howard : Josepha “Jo”, raccoon [feminine form of 'Joseph', originally from the Hebrew meaning 'he will add']

Agents of SHIELD
Amador, Akela : ???
Fitz, Leopold : Tacita, Chinese Goose [Feminine of 'Tacitus', Latin for 'silent, mute'. Also the name of the Roman historian]
Garret, John : ???, cat
Hall, Franklin : ???
Hand, Victoria : ???
Lydon, Miles : ???
May, Melinda : Jian, Andean Condor [A Chinese name meaning 'strong', 'healthy', and 'build', a jian is also a type of double-edged sword known as the 'Gentleman of Weapons'.]
Peterson, Ace : ???
Peterson, Michael : ???
Quinn, Ian : ???
Raina : ???, butterfly
Simmons, Jemma : Nikephoros, 'Nick', Snowcap Hummingbird [Greek, meaning 'carrying victory'. Also one of Athena's titles.]
Skye : Bo, black-striped capuchin [Bo is a name with a number of meanings; it could be derived from the Old Norse word bua, meaning 'to live'; in Chinese, it means 'wave'; and it's the diminutive of various other names]
Streiten : ???
Triplett, Antoine : ???, Red-Spitting Cobra
Ward, Grant : Faye, Meerkat [Faye has two possible etymologies: derived from the Middle English 'faie', meaning 'fairy', or from the Norman 'foye', meaning 'faith'.]

Beth : Parrish, American Robin
[Galaga Guy] Brent : Ozymandias, marmot

Captain America
Barnes, James “Bucky” Buchanan : Beatrix “Trix” “Tricks”, ferret (sable colouration) [Beatrix is probably from Viatrix, feminine form of the Late Latin name Viator, meaning "voyager, traveller".]
Batroc, Georges : ???
Brandt, Senator : ???
Carter, Margaret “Peggy” : Apollinaris “Pol”, Common Kestrel [A variant of/derived from the Greek 'Apollo']
Carter, Sharon : ???, meerkat
Dernier, Jacques : Péronne, Halloween Crab [French feminine of 'Peter', meaning 'rock']
Dugan, Timothy “Dum Dum” : Florence "Floy", American Badger [Latin, 'blooming'.]
Erskine, Abraham : Zisse, Eurasian Reed Warbler
Falsworth, James Montgomery : Clarimond, Short-Haired Dachshound [From the Old French 'esclairmond', meaning 'light of the world', through Teutonic 'protection' and 'clear']
Hodge, Gilmore : ???
Jones, Gabriel “Gabe” : Laure, Southern Flying Squirrel [French variant of 'Laura', meaning 'bay tree']
Kruger, Heinz : ???
Lorraine, Pvt Ginevre “Ginger” : Reuben, Monarch Butterfly [Hebrew, meaning 'renewer' or 'behold a son']
Morita, James “Jim” : Tomiko, Gray Fox [Japanese, 'wealth, abundance' + 'child']
Phillips, Chester : Caroline "Caro", Bushpig [French feminine of 'Charles', meaning 'man' - or potentially 'army, warrior']
Pierce, Alexander : ???, Arctic Hare
Rogers, Sarah: ???, Fiddler Crab
Rumlow, Brock : [???], Kookaburra
Schmidt, Johann: Conradine, ????
Wilson, Sam : ???
Zola, Arnim: Adalheid, Red-backed Shrike

Barton, Charles “Barney” Bernard : Tamora “Tammy”, German Shepherd [Form of Tamara, Hebrew meaning 'palm tree'.]
Morse, Barbara “Bobbi” : Graham, Loggerhead Shrike
Shostakov, Alexei Andreyevitch : Zarya, Daubenton's Bat

Incredible Hulk
Blonksy, Emil : Sashura “Shura”, honey badger
Martina : Davi, Common Marmoset
Ross, Elizabeth “Betty” : Kenrick, American red squirrel [Kenrick is a variant of Kendrick, which has several different origins – from Old English, it could mean 'royal power' or 'bold power', or if derived from Welsh, then 'chief hero']
Ross, Thaddeus : Wysandra, Irish Setter
Samson, Leonard : Damiana, Southern Ringneck Snake [feminine of 'Damian', from the Greek, meaning 'to tame'.]
Sparr, Kathleen: [???
Sterns, Samuel : Gillian, Long-tailed Chinchilla

Iron Man
Brandt : ???
Ellis : ???
Everheart, Christine : Braeden, grey squirrel
Forrest, Jimmy : ????
Hammer, Justin : Octavia, Northern Flicker Woodpecker
Hansen, Maya: ????
Hogan, Harold "Happy” : ???
Keener, Harley : ????
Killian, Aldrich : ???
Raza : Arjumand, Persian Leopard
Rhodes, James “Rhodey” : Mikaela, Oriental Small-clawed Otter
Rodriguez : ???
Savin : ???
Slattery, Trevor : ???
Stane, Obadiah : Prudence, European Magpie
Stark, Maria : Liberato, swan [Derived from Latin 'liber', meaning 'free'.]
Vanko, Anton : ???
Vanko, Ivan Antonovich : Anastasia “Tassya”, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Yinsen, Ho: Nazirah, vervet monkey

Pollack, Benjamin “Benny” : ???
Wise, Claire : ???

Boothby, Ian : ???
Foster, Jane : Tycho, yellow mongoose [Greek, either meaning Luck or 'hitting the mark'; also the name of a Danish astronomer]
Lewis, Darcy : Josiah “Josh”, porcupine (she also calls him Jobert) [Hebrew, meaning 'healed/supported by Yah']
Richard : ???

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