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TITLE: Hell of a Week
FANDOM: M'ways (24/Avatar)
WORDS: 829
CHARACTERS: Trudy Chacon, Carl Benton
PAIRING/S: Trudy/Carl
SUMMARY: Carl finds Trudy by the lake after a hell of a week at Hell's Gate

Everyone was so angry, all they needed was a trigger. )
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TITLE: Soldier Girl
FANDOM: M'ways (24/Avatar)
WORDS: 592
CHARACTERS: Trudy Chacon, Carl Benton
SUMMARY: In which Carl Benton meets Private First Class Chacon
A/N: Written for the millirific prompt: Millitime.

It's not until she speaks that he realises the kid is a girl, and that the kid is Trudy. )

FIC: Marks

Sep. 1st, 2010 07:47 pm
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TITLE: Marks
FANDOM: M'ways (24/Avatar)
WORDS: 415
CHARACTERS: Trudy Chacon, Carl Benton
PAIRING: Trudy/Carl
SUMMARY: Trudy's right pointer finger is forever marked by a window in Luanda, and it circles a scar that one of the thousands of bullets from Mogadishu left on his arm.
A/N: Written for the millirific prompt: Violence. For those who are curious, Luanda is the capital of Angola.

Marks )
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TITLE: I would've carried your heart, but it's covered in holes
FANDOM: M'ways (24/Avatar)
WORDS: 649
PAIRING: Trudy/Jack, Trudy/Carl, implied Trudy/Carl/Jack
SUMMARY: Grief can draw people together; it can also drive them apart.
A/N: written for [profile] kcountess, who asked for Trudy/Jack post-24: Redemption. Title comes from Eskimo Joe's exceedingly apt song Falling For You.

and by the look in your eyes, I should've carried a gun / I would've carried your heart, but it's covered in holes )
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TITLE: Waiting
FANDOM: [community profile] milliways_bar
WORDS: 278
FOR: [personal profile] alas_a_llama
PROMPT: Atton and Meda, lightning
DISCLAIMER: Atton Rand isn't mine, but this version of Medusa is

Waiting )
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TITLE: A Little Theory
FANDOM: [community profile] milliways_bar (Doctor Who-Torchwood, Waywalkers, Greco-Roman mythology)
WRITTEN FOR: Prompt: Picture of John Barrowmen in briefs
CHARACTERS: Jack Harkness, Medusa, Sam Linnfer
PAIRINGS: Jack/Sam/Medusa
WORD COUNT: 1, 035
DISCLAIMER: While this version of Medusa is mine, everyone not.

A Little Theory )
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TITLE: The Queen and the Soldier
FANDOM: Milliways
WORD COUNT: 10, 799
WARNINGS: Contains off-screen violence and on-screen results of it, also mentions one fully consentual, adult incestuous couple in passing.
DISCLAIMER: The poem Mary Anne quotes from is ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’, by Oscar Wilde. The various interpretations of tarot cards come from a variety of books, websites and, ultimately, my own view of them. Nearly all of the characters in this, including the tarot cards as actual personifications, are not mine. The description of the tarot cards’ beach has been taken from what Saundra has already written, I have merely lifted and edited.

The Queen and the Soldier )
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TITLE: You and I
FOR: [profile] silverpenlight
FANDOM: Milliways
PAIRING: Maladict(a)/Ajedrez, Sands/Ajedrez, Sands/Maladict(a)
WORDS: 2, 807
NOTES: This is a 2nd/1st person fic, written in a semi-stream of consciousness style while being rather smutty. If any of those things don't float your boat, don't read.

You and I )
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TITLE: Blood and Nameless Wine
FOR: [personal profile] dopplegl, because his War gorgeous and scary and ever-so cool
BETA: [personal profile] schiarire, [profile] rebootfromstart
FANDOM: Milliways - Arthurian/Good Omens
PAIRING: War/Mordred
RATING: Um. It's War and it's Mordred, so there is rough sex and blood and...ah, hell. R?
WORDS: 1,053

Blood and Nameless Wine )
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WRITTEN FOR: [personal profile] schiarire
TITLE: Potential
FANDOM: SotL/M'ways
PAIRING: Lucifer/Delia of Eldorne
WORDS: 178
DISCLAIMER: Delia of Eldorne comes from the Song of the Lioness, and thus belongs to Tamora Pierce. This version of Lucifer belongs to [personal profile] fahye
WARNINGS: sadomasochistic imagery

Potential )
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TITLE: Simple Words
FANDOM: Arthurian mythology via M'ways Bar
PAIRING: Mordred/Galahad
WORDS: 374
DISCLAIMER: Arthurian mythology is public domain: this version of Mordred is mine, while this version of Galahad belongs to [personal profile] fahye

Simple Words )


Feb. 11th, 2010 11:16 am
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TITLE: Robin
FANDOM: Arthurian mythology/Milliways Bar/Dark is Rising
WORDS: 971
NOTES: This came about as backstory for the version of Mordred I played in the RPG Milliways Bar, and has deliberate mirroring of characters from the Dark is Rising - specifically, the relationship between Mordred and the White Rider/Mrs Rowlands/Anghared.
DISCLAIMER: Anghared-as-the-White-Rider is not mine, but belongs to Susan Cooper. Although the Arthurian legends are public domain, this version of Mordred is mine.

Robin )
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WRITTEN FOR: [personal profile] lunamystic Christmas 2004
TITLE: Enlightenment
FANDOM: Song of the Lioness/Milliways
PAIRING: Delia/Alanna
WORDS: 3,543
WRITTEN TO: Lost in Space, The Moth & High on Sunday 51 - Aimee Mann
DISCLAIMER: Alanna and Delia are the creations of Tamora Pierce, I’m just playing. This version of Alanna belongs to lunamystic, and I’m just paying tribute.
NOTES: This fic is based off this Milliways thread. Thus, all of Alanna’s speech and actions up until where she says ‘wait’ are not mine.
SUMMARY: In the orginal thread, Delia offered sex before having to go upstairs. But what if she didn’t? What if Alanna took her up on her offer?
EXTRACT: “No, it would not be a fate worse than death.” Both of Delia’s eyebrows raised this time, and Alanna smiled vindictively. “In fact, it would be rather enlightening, I'm sure...”

Enlightenment )