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TITLE: Blood and Nameless Wine
FOR: [personal profile] dopplegl, because his War gorgeous and scary and ever-so cool
BETA: [personal profile] schiarire, [profile] rebootfromstart
FANDOM: Milliways - Arthurian/Good Omens
PAIRING: War/Mordred
RATING: Um. It's War and it's Mordred, so there is rough sex and blood and...ah, hell. R?
WORDS: 1,053

Blood and Nameless Wine )
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TITLE: Simple Words
FANDOM: Arthurian mythology via M'ways Bar
PAIRING: Mordred/Galahad
WORDS: 374
DISCLAIMER: Arthurian mythology is public domain: this version of Mordred is mine, while this version of Galahad belongs to [personal profile] fahye

Simple Words )


Feb. 11th, 2010 11:16 am
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TITLE: Robin
FANDOM: Arthurian mythology/Milliways Bar/Dark is Rising
WORDS: 971
NOTES: This came about as backstory for the version of Mordred I played in the RPG Milliways Bar, and has deliberate mirroring of characters from the Dark is Rising - specifically, the relationship between Mordred and the White Rider/Mrs Rowlands/Anghared.
DISCLAIMER: Anghared-as-the-White-Rider is not mine, but belongs to Susan Cooper. Although the Arthurian legends are public domain, this version of Mordred is mine.

Robin )
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TITLE: He is like an owl
FANDOM: Arthurian
WORDS: 132
INSPIRED BY: "The king of France is like an owl, the most beautiful of birds, but worth nothing. He is the most handsome of men but he stares fixedly in silence. He is neither man nor beast, he is a statue." - Bernard Saisset, bishop of Pamiers, on Phillip the Fair (1285-1314)

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TITLE: Supposed to be
FANDOM: Arthurian
WORDS: 288
Written for: [personal profile] fahye

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TITLE: Birds
FANDOM: Arthurian
WORDS: 225