Jun. 20th, 2010

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TITLE: tiger, tiger, burning bright
WORDS: 1095
CHARACTERS: Trudy Chacon, Norm Spellman, Miles Quaritch, Jake Sully
PAIRINGS: mention of Trudy/Norm
SUMMARY: trudy!centric, contains character death. In 2116, Trudy is born fighting, and she dies not quite thirty-eight years later still fighting; this is a series of snapshots of some of her birthdays in-between.
DISCLAIMER: This world, setting, and most of the characters aren't mine; they belong to James Cameron, and I am merely playing with them.
A/N: The title comes from William Blake's poem The Tiger, and as Trudy is so linked with the tiger (the tiger painted on her Samson, the fight with Quaritch with his Dragon ship alluding to Chinese symbolism), I thought it fitting.

tiger, tiger, burning bright )
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TITLE: Conduct Unbecoming
FANDOM: Avatar
WORDS: 930
PAIRING: heavily implied Trudy/Quaritch
SUMMARY warning: power imbalance. After disobeying orders and abandoning the destruction of Hometree, Trudy Chacon would have been arrested on a number of charges - and yet Quaritch doesn't have her locked up in the brig. This is a look at a possible conversation between them before he makes that decision.
DISCLAIMER: These characters are so very much not mine, but belong to James Cameron. I'm just playing with them.
A/N: This came about due to my wondering on why Trudy was able to rescue Jake, Norm and Grace, instead of being in a cell herself - it then proceeded to take over my brain until I wrote it. Intended as one shot, but contains an allusion to tiger, tiger, burning bright. All of my knowledge about military codes of justice come from here.

Conduct Unbecoming )
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TITLE: Terminology
FANDOM: Avatar
CHARACTERS: Grace Augustine, Norm Spellman, Trudy Chacon
PAIRING: Norm/Trudy
SUMMARY: Trudy has objections to some of the words used to describe Na'vi culture.
DISCLAIMER: The characters and the world they are in belong to James Cameron – I am merely playing with them.

“Mated?” Trudy splutters, getting confused looks from Norm and Grace both. “They couldn’t have chosen a better freaking word?” )
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TITLE: But Not With You
FANDOM: Avatar
RATING: PG-13? M? (contains some swearing and references to sex)
WORDS: 1, 216
CHARACTERS: Jake Sully, Trudy Chacon, mention of Norm Spellman
PAIRINGS: Trudy/Norm, one-sided Jack/Trudy (sorta)
SUMMARY: In which Jake Sully discovers why Norm's been in a much better mood lately, and talks it over with Trudy Chacon (this doesn't mean he gets it, though).
DISCLAIMER: The characters and the world they are in belong to James Cameron – I am merely playing with them.
A/N: In the 2007 script, there was a bit where Jake caught Trudy and Norm in 'the act', and I thought it might be fun to explore what would happen after. Also in the 2007 script, Trudy was in on Jake reporting back to Quartich - she was how the Colonel got those reports. I've used this as part of the background setting.

But Not With You )
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TITLE: The Beams of Our House Are Cedar
FANDOM: Avatar
WORDS: 2152
PAIRING: Trudy/Norm
SUMMARY: In an AU where Trudy survives the last battle, she and Norm discuss killing in combat.
DISCLAIMER: these characters are not mine, I'm just playing with them.
A/N: As stated in the summary, this is an alternate universe where Trudy lives - how, I'm still working on. This story has an enormous debt to Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's book On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, and the title is from the Song of Songs. And finally, this is a hexapede.

I’ve been a professional soldier since I was eighteen, Norm. I’ve seen a lot of bad shit. I’ve done a lot of bad shit. I’m not gonna pack my things and go, no matter what you say. Not gonna judge. )